WW archive > Issue 1331 - 21 January 2021


Ditch Labour; China; Wretched liars; Scotland; Whose revolution?; Cross-class; Desperate; Tirade; Self-hating; Whoosh; Indulging

One episode in long-term process

Vladimir Putin cannot be blamed for America’s worst president ever. Daniel Lazare assesses the four turbulent years

Goodbye Donald Trump

The January 6 failed coup is a symptom of decay. Even with a near $2 trillion rescue package the Biden administration is unlikely to revive the American dream, says Jack Conrad

Dilemmas of great and good

Mainstream economists cannot provide the answers needed to revive a system mired in stagnation. Michael Roberts reports on the annual gathering of the American Economic Association

Abolish the mayors

We need accountability in local government and in our movement too. James Harvey looks at the corruption scandal in Liverpool

Hispaniola shibboleth

Gaby Rubin reviews 'The farming of bones' by Edwidge Danticat

No dodging self-determination

Whoever is chosen as leader, the Scottish Labour Party is cruising for a bruising, reckons Paul Demarty

Keep them coming

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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