WW archive > Issue 133 - 07 March 1996

Abolish the monarchy

The Labour Party is too scared to even criticise the monarchy, let alone abolish it. Only revolutionaries can lead the fight for real democracy


Common sense; British Imperialism; Wrong side; Giving support; Militant and the SLP; Correction

Shameful day for Scottish councils

Walking away

Party notes

Provisional Central Committee statement

Join the fight!

National meeting

Lewisham debates Scargill constitution

Socialist Alliance unites Kent militants

Battle against all odds

Helen Ellis reviews '20-52', directed by Jeremy Weller for Grassmarket Project at Tricycle theatre (NW6, Kilburn tube, 8pm, £7.50-£13, Mon and Sat matinee - pay what you can)

Fascist distortions

John Bayliss reviews 'Ecofascism' by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier (AK Press, pp73, £5.00)

Slippery slope


Bob Smith - For a Permanent Party Polemic Committee

Australian elections: Right steps up class war

Marcus Larsen of the Communist Party Advocates sums up the Australian general election

Social democrats and Euros to hold hands at last?

Spanish elections

International struggle

International Working Women’s Day celebrates the fight for women’s liberation, the fight for communism

Women must work

From 'The Workers’ Weekly', paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, February 19 1926

Source of dynamism

To mark IWWD, Linda Addison spoke to Siobhan McLoughlin, a leading comrade in the CPGB, about the chasm which divides the Labour Party’s attitude to women in the Party and the Communist Party’s attitude. In this divide we can see the way forward for women’s liberation against the vicious attacks the Labour Party has made on the working class in the past and its future plans

Devastating hypocrisy

The IRA demonised

Of bombs and liberals

Safety campaign

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