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Robin; Poor shrine; Third campists; Legal crisis?; US revenge; Mastery; Looking beyond; Blame the west; Stupid?; BNP was right

End of the beginning

The Brexit trade deal settles little - the EU will haunt British politics for years to come, writes Paul Demarty

Rear-view mirror

Are we approaching the end of US hegemony? Daniel Lazare discusses Biden’s likely role, following the years of Obama and Trump

Meaningful debate absent

Why are Socialist Workers Party members incapable of making serious contributions? Peter Manson looks at the third and final internal bulletin

Theses on Keir Starmer’s Labour Party

A serious accounting for the failures of Corbynism cannot be avoided any longer. Our perspectives must go beyond capitalism. We have had enough silly initiatives and attempts to close or limit debate. Labour Party Marxists has submitted this contribution to the Labour Left Alliance’s January 30 conference

Consistent Bolshevik message

Did Lenin’s April theses lead to a complete change of policy? Lars T Lih continues his series, arguing that the opposite is the case

Lenin in his own words

Socialism, nationalism and Ireland

Before and during the Second International there were many different approaches to the questions of socialism and nationalism. In Ireland James Connolly banked on nationalists taking a positive attitude towards the cause of labour. In his next article Marc Mulholland will look at Ireland’s conservative revolution

From copy to overtake

China has taken a technological lead in quantum computing. Yassamine Mather says this could well impact on the military balance of power

Back to square one

The Covid catastrophe - fuelled by monumental incompetence - has forced the government to impose a new national lockdown. For the labour movement that is neither something to celebrate nor to vote for, writes Eddie Ford

Cause for celebration

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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