WW archive > Issue 1320 - 22 October 2020


Irrationality; Transphobia; Covid nonsense; Legal murder; Lessons of Lenin; Hypocrisy

Covid-19 set to destroy Trump?

Daniel Lazare says the excess deaths are not only down to the president’s incompetence

Cowardly fake left peddles lies

James Harvey presents Labour Party Marxists’ recommendations for the national executive committee elections

Eyes on exits

Paul Demarty examines the rising support for independence, and the tasks of the internationalist left

Disasters at a double rate

While the global institutions are offering pseudo-solutions aplenty, the tipping point is fast approaching, warns Michael Roberts

Historical muddle, theoretical overkill

Continuing his response to Neil Faulkner, Mike Macnair rejects the myth of the ‘Zinovievist’ origin of democratic centralism

Amplify the voice

Loes Muller reports on the first meeting of the Marxist opposition in the Socialist Party (Netherlands)

Overcoming group identity

Marc Mulholland evaluates Karl Kautsky’s thesis on the nomadic origin of classes and the state

Gambling on chlorinated chicken

Boris Johnson seems to be playing a high-risk game of poker with the EU. Eddie Ford looks at the latest Brexit developments

Keep it flowing

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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