WW archive > Issue 1316 - 24 September 2020


End to value; It’s us what pays; Nationalism; Blame Marx; Last Stalinist

Accidents do happen

Eddie Ford suspects that Boris Johnson’s attempt to undermine the Brexit withdrawal agreement means he is gambling on a second-term Trump presidency

Shared island or democratic republic?

Sinn Féin is relying on demographics and opposition to Brexit. James Harvey gives his take on the reunification debate

Royal high court

Why the commotion over the death of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Daniel Lazare gives his answers

Birth of a tactic

John Riddell spoke to Communist University 2020 about the struggle of communist parties to win over the majority of workers

Place for all communists

William Sarsfield continues his series on the founding of the CPGB 100 years ago

Building models for the future

What is the relationship between democracy and socialism? Can bureaucracy and managerialism be overcome under present conditions? Levi Rafael replies to Mike Macnair

Pathetic confusion

SPEW’s approach to Labour combines classic sectarianism with run-of-the-mill reformism, writes Peter Manson

Let’s think about it

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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