WW archive > Issue 1311 - 06 August 2020


Then and now; Bourgeois ‘justice’; Knives and drugs

Arise, Lady Fox

The Revolutionary Communist Party has gone on an odd journey, writes Eddie Ford. After emerging from the SWP, it has travelled from the Red Front to the Brexit Party - and now the House of Lords

Going straight downhill

Who’s trying to rig the US elections, asks Daniel Lazare - Republicans, Democrats or both?

Boost to Beijing’s ambitions

Iran and China aim to circumvent a declining US hegemon, reports Yassamine Mather

Against fetishising soviets

Retreating from Marx’s arguments for political action of the class leads to Bakuninism. Mike Macnair replies to Levi Rafael

Reclaim our legacy

Mike Taber discusses the significance of the new book he has edited. This article is based on the talk he gave to the August 2 Online Communist Forum

Not just British

Jack Conrad celebrates the internationalism that provides the foundations of our party

Prodigal son departs

James Murdoch’s departure from his father’s media empire puts the spotlight once again on its political evolution, writes William Kane


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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