WW archive > Issue 1309 - 23 July 2020


Interference; Pointless; Blinkered; House prices

What will remain of democracy?

With Trump now employing paramilitary forces, writes Daniel Lazare, the signs are not good

Without it we can’t breathe

Anne McShane explains why the ‘cancel culture’ is so badly misdirected

Wrongly overlooked thinker

David Broder reviews Pietro Basso's 'The science and passion of communism: selected writings of Amadeo Bordiga (1912-1965)'

Stalin as historian

David Brandenberger has painstakingly studied the writing and editing of the famous Short course. Khrushchev’s account of Stalin simply wanting to feed his own personality cult is badly misleading

Woman bites dog

What was that about ‘western values’? Paul Demarty looks at the Shamima Begum case

Mobilising the unemployed

William Sarsfield continues his series on the founding of the CPGB 100 years ago

On a wing and a prayer

Like you, Eddie Ford is sceptical about things ‘returning to normal’ by Christmas

More like it

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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