WW archive > Issue 1308 - 16 July 2020


Just in time?; Promises; Lessons learned?; King of confusion; New mantra

Judge tactics in the concrete

Mark Fischer reports on the surprisingly united July 11 meeting of CPGB members

A contradictory formation

Bob Davies of Labour Party Marxists regrets that some ‘revolutionaries’ support the careers of career politicians and oppose republican and democratic demands

Roll call of shame

Huge numbers have died unnecessarily, writes Eddie Ford, yet still we have the rightwing ideology of Covid denial

Israel’s nuclear war

As Binyamin Netanyahu’s government tacitly admits its role, Yassamine Mather asks why the Iranian regime is in denial

A plague on both houses

Trump has rewarded Roger Stone and the Democrats want Julian Assange cruelly punished, says Daniel Lazare

Oppression and moralism

BLM protests must be supported, but they are often misdirected. Black liberation must be linked to the class struggle, argues Jim Creegan

Trouble at Fort Hood

As battles rage over Confederate symbols in the US military, Paul Demarty asks what the left has to learn

‘A damned nuisance’

William Sarsfield continues his series on the founding of the CPGB 100 years ago

Underlying weaknesses exposed

The government’s wish for a V-shaped recovery is doomed to failure, writes Michael Roberts

Do your bit

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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