WW archive > Issue 1305 - 25 June 2020


Rinse and repeat; Tactics; Confusion; Gun ownership; Victoria too!; Proper distance; Action politics; First straw

Now is the time

Abolition of the police and army is a basic democratic demand with a sudden relevance, writes Eddie Ford

End of the Donald?

Suddenly everything seems to be going wrong for the president, says Daniel Lazare

Interlocking phenomena

What is the connection between the coronavirus pandemic, ecological catastrophe and global capitalism? Mehdi Kia investigates

What might have been

Nathaniel Flakin spoke to the June 14 Online Communist Forum about Martin Monath, an inspiring example of revolutionary internationalism. As a Jewish Berliner, living in occupied France, he attempted to recruit German soldiers to fight against Nazism

Garbage in, garbage out

Failure of the NHS tracing app is characteristic of the government’s pandemic response, argues Paul Demarty

Unrecyclable threat

Jim Moody reviews Deia Schlosberg’s The story of plastic

Weapon of first resort

The appointment of an overt anti-Arab racist as Israeli ambassador to the UK has created big problems for Zionists in Britain. Moshé Machover gives his take

Fighting fund

Do your best: Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly worker fighting fund

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