WW archive > Issue 1298 - 07 May 2020


Compliment; Patriotism; Dump Trump; New International; Year zero; What pandemic?

Stand up to witch-hunters

Those who fail to show solidarity should not be given solidarity, writes David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists

Where is the strategy?

Support for a ‘global ceasefire’ is acceptable, argues Paul Demarty, but not if it obscures the causes of war

The importance of being programmed

Without a comprehensive, fully worked out programme there is no road map to socialism and beyond. Jack Conrad begins a short series of articles

Prepare for the scarring

After the lockdown ends we should expect the worst, warns Michael Roberts

The centrality of hegemony

150 years after his birth, how to evaluate Lenin and his ideas? Lars T Lih emphasises his consistency

Transcending convention

Neil Davidson: October 9 1957-May 3 2020

Logic behind the madness

Eddie Ford reports on the many failures of the UK and US governments

In the kitty

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