WW archive > Issue 1296 - 23 April 2020


Total mess; Blame BAME; Won’t change; Circus of lies; Resounding ‘No!’; Vote Biden; Popular frontist?; Hunger strike

Weaponising ‘anti-Semitism’

Labour’s leaked report does not tackle the central question, argues Moshé Machover

Sleepwalking into disaster

The government knew for years that a ‘terrifying’ pandemic was coming, says Eddie Ford, yet it did next to nothing to prepare

Euro’s corona crisis

Covid-19 has brought EU contradictions to the fore, argues Michael Roberts

Crisis and consequences

Mike Macnair speculates about the longer-term effects of the Covid-19 shutdown

Shielding the powerful

Heavy-handed legal threats against Labour show up the real effects of data protection legislation, argues Paul Demarty

Party and parliament

William Sarsfield continues his series on the founding of the CPGB 100 years ago

Coronavirus and the political organism

There is now a hole where a superpower used to be, writes Daniel Lazare

The big catch-up

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