WW archive > Issue 1296 - 23 April 2020


Total mess; Blame BAME; Won’t change; Circus of lies; Resounding ‘No!’; Vote Biden; Popular frontist?; Hunger strike

Weaponising ‘anti-Semitism’

Labour’s leaked report does not tackle the central question, argues Moshé Machover

Sleepwalking into disaster

The government knew for years that a ‘terrifying’ pandemic was coming, says Eddie Ford, yet it did next to nothing to prepare

Euro’s corona crisis

Covid-19 has brought EU contradictions to the fore, argues Michael Roberts

Crisis and consequences

Mike Macnair speculates about the longer-term effects of the Covid-19 shutdown

Shielding the powerful

Heavy-handed legal threats against Labour show up the real effects of data protection legislation, argues Paul Demarty

Party and parliament

Coronavirus and the political organism

There is now a hole where a superpower used to be, writes Daniel Lazare

The big catch-up

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