WW archive > Issue 1293 - 02 April 2020


Play your part; It’s real; Bespoke; Communism?; Socialism?; Best by far

The ‘Blitz spirit’

Are we ‘all in it together’? Paul Demarty investigates

An empire unravelling

Daniel Lazare believes that Covid-19 could mean the end for the USA in its current form

A war economy?

What the pandemic has demonstrated, writes Michael Roberts, is that in a crisis the capitalist state has no alternative but to suppress the ‘free market’

Unity: a hostile report

William Sarsfield continues his series on the founding of the CPGB 100 years ago

Reformism, Corbynism and CPGB

Repeating the arguments of the 1920s ‘left’ communists, Rex Dunn says the Labour Party is a quagmire for the left

A barometer of progress

NEP had profoundly negative results for the struggle for women’s emancipation, writes Anne McShane.

Self-organisation and solidarity

Mutual aid is a positive development, writes Eddie Ford - so is the involvement of the left.


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