WW archive > Issue 1293 - 02 April 2020


Play your part; It’s real; Bespoke; Communism?; Socialism?; Best by far

The ‘Blitz spirit’

Are we ‘all in it together’? Paul Demarty investigates

An empire unravelling

Daniel Lazare believes that Covid-19 could mean the end for the USA in its current form

A war economy?

What the pandemic has demonstrated, writes Michael Roberts, is that in a crisis the capitalist state has no alternative but to suppress the ‘free market’

Unity: a hostile report

Reformism, Corbynism and CPGB

Repeating the arguments of the 1920s ‘left’ communists, Rex Dunn says the Labour Party is a quagmire for the left

A barometer of progress

NEP had profoundly negative results for the struggle for women’s emancipation, writes Anne McShane.

Self-organisation and solidarity

Mutual aid is a positive development, writes Eddie Ford - so is the involvement of the left.


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