WW archive > Issue 1290 - 12 March 2020

It is a pandemic

The number of cases outside China has increased 13-fold over the last two weeks alone, says James Linney.


Great split; Pointless; I wonder why; Look outwards!; Back-seat driver?; English nat; Budget shambles

Put principle first

We remain united despite a resignation. Peter Manson reports.

The great Bernie bust

It is now all but certain that Joe Biden will be the Democratic candidate, writes Daniel Lazare.

Lessons being learned

Elements of the US left have at last awoken to the possibilities opened up by Bernie Sanders, writes Paul Demarty.

Clause wars

James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists says RLB’s clause four owes more to Tony Blair than Sidney Webb. Either way, both amount to bullshit. What we need is a clause four that marks a real political shift.

Two-way mirror of shame

Erdoğan’s regime is playing with the lives of innocent victims to both its east and west. Esen Uslu describes the shambles.

Beyond the sects

William Sarsfield continues his series on the founding of the CPGB 100 years ago

Nationalism and COVID-19

Despite the rapid spread of coronavirus, notes Toby Abse, the response of the Italian government compares favourably to Boris Johnson’s.

Class and women’s liberation

Like anti-racism, International Women’s Day has been colonised by the bourgeoisie, writes Eddie Ford.

On track

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