WW archive > Issue 1289 - 06 March 2020

Still in denial

It is all very well for the SWP to condemn Weinstein, writes Paul Demarty, but what about the legacy of its own rape scandal?


Class-conscious?; Pathetic; Royal socialism; Sense of humour

The war is set to continue

Trump’s agreement with the Taliban shows that the United States has comprehensively failed in achieving its stated objectives, argues Yassamine Mather.

Dispelling the Kautsky myths

Ben Lewis introduces his recently published Karl Kautsky on democracy and republicanism. This article is based on a talk he gave to the March 1 London Communist Forum.

Primary contradictions

Jim Creegan assesses the battle for the Democratic nomination. The left has a real opportunity.

Decline of secular Zionism

Despite indictments for corruption, Netanyahu has come out on top, writes Tony Greenstein.

Biggest possible majority needed

Eddie Ford argues that strike action will pit postal workers not only against Royal Mail bosses, but against a union-smashing government too. Mass solidarity is vital if victory is to be won.

Through the barrier

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