WW archive > Issue 1279 - 12 December 2019

The media mincer

Jim Grant of Labour Party Marxists looks back at the Labour leadership’s attempts to conciliate the media.


Indigenous rights; Suspended; Far right; Bastards

Writing on the wall

With the Brexit Party collapsing about his ears, Nigel Farage is thinking about launching the Reform Party. Eddie Ford is amused.

Russia, Russia, Russia …

The Democrats’ campaign for Trump’s impeachment is a symptom of a sea change, writes Daniel Lazare.

Nice British bobby

Yassamine Mather compares Radio Farda’s reporting of Iran with its touching depiction of Britain.

Against US imperialism

Open letter from US-based anti-imperialist activists, scholars, artists and lawyers.

Oppose the clerical regime too

Reply to open letter from Hands Off the People of Iran.

Fixing the plumbing

You will get nowhere if you do not understand the capitalist mode of production, says Michael Roberts.

Brandishing old ghosts

Jack Conrad argues that in order to effectively combat today’s far right we must begin by rejecting false historical analogies.

Contradictory impasse

Peter Manson reports on the SACP’s December 9-12 special national congress.

One more issue

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