WW archive > Issue 1276 - 21 November 2019

Cancel the monarchy

Andrew Windsor’s bizarre Newsnight interview should strengthen our resolve to fight for a democratic republic, argues Paul Demarty.


Labour coopted; Capitalism reset?; Significant; Dictatorship; Rate of profit; Divide and rule

Open the borders

We should end the distinction between refugees and economic migrants, declares Anne McShane.

High politics and the left

Calls to focus on the economy and crude ‘tax the rich’ slogans actually play into the hands of UK capital, says Mike Macnair.

Vote Mark Serwotka

Dave Vincent gives his take on the PCS general secretary election and the factional background.

Two impossibilities

Neither a one-state solution nor a two-state solution is feasible, argues Moshé Machover. This article is based on his talk at Communist University.

Broadband and ‘communist schemes’

Despite Corbyn’s retreats, we call for a Labour vote, writes David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists.

Regime faces new crisis

Tehran has blocked the internet in a desperate attempt to suppress protests, reports Yassamine Mather.

First things first

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