Keeping firm on basic principles

Hands Off the People of Iran has issued the following statement on its decision to remove John McDonnell as its honorary president

Over the last few years there were times when some of us were thoroughly embarrassed by comments made by John McDonnell, but we refrained from taking any action. However, his recent informal chat/interview with Alastair Campbell has changed that (www.youtube.com/watch?v=joo4w_BwEJs). During the conversation, McDonnell claimed that Blair should not be remembered for the Iraq war, and insisted he does not believe “Blair is a war criminal”.

McDonnell has refused to support Chris Williamson MP, a loyal Corbyn supporter currently suspended on false anti-Semitism charges. He has failed to condemn or indeed make any sensible comment about such false allegations, often apologising for what is basically fake news. This shows very striking double standards in relation to his comments on Blair and his statement in the same interview that Alastair Campbell would be welcomed back into the Labour Party, because “all is forgiven”.

At a time when sanctions are crippling Iran’s economy and the threat of war is real, the campaign needs clear political direction and its office-holders, including those holding honorary positions, must take a clear, unambiguous stance against the threat of war.

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