WW archive > Issue 1270 - 10 October 2019

Three political dimensions

Israeli politics cannot be understood in terms of classical left and right, argues Moshé Machover. This article is based on a talk he gave to the October 6 aggregate meeting of CPGB and Labour Party Marxists comrades.


Philistinism; Woke bigots; Gallant attempts; End capitalism; Con-munism; Pointless monarch

Playing the blame game

Now that a Brexit deal is ‘essentially impossible’, writes Eddie Ford, we could be heading towards an ugly, populist general election.

Where is Boris going?

America is changing, so Britain’s relationship with America must change, Paul Demarty investigates.

Time to reassess

The Irish left is still attempting to justify its support for Brexit, notes Anne McShane.

Good riddance to Renzi

The former leader of the PD has left to form a new party, writes Toby Abse. What a pity that the current leader is doing his best to placate the rightwingers who did not follow him.

Looking for new answers

Lorna Anderson completes her report of a recent visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Momentum cannot be rescued

There are various groups advocating reform. But, asks Carla Roberts, can they succeed?

Intangible, but not immaterial

The law of value is fully applicable to the commodification of knowledge, argues Michael Roberts.

Erdoğan gets green light

Despite Trump’s objections, writes Esen Uslu, Turkey has been set strict limits on its intervention in Syria.


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