WW archive > Issue 1266 - 12 September 2019

Desperate times, desperate measures

Ever since he got elected, Boris Johnson has been acting in a ‘revolutionary’ fashion and shows no sign of rowing back, writes Eddie Ford.


Bizarre; No concession; Xenophobia; Delusions; Legalisation

Amid the confusion

Peter Manson reports on a special meeting of CPGB and LPM comrades.

No pacts, no coalitions

The willingness of the Labour leadership to bloc with Liberal Democrats, Scottish nationalists and Tory rebels is a mistake, argues Paul Demarty. It could easily presage a government of national unity.

Flies in the ointment

Whither the Brexit Party? James Harvey thinks it has no long-term future.

Containing our movement in ‘safe’ forms

Mike Macnair continues his discussion of the US left’s Kautsky debate by considering the arguments of Eric Blanc.

Direct vs representative democracy

Raquel Varela: A people’s history of the Portuguese Revolution. Pluto Press, 2019, pp352, £19.99.

Victim of the global hegemon

Following Trump’s cancellation of talks, Yassamine Mather looks back at the disaster that is Afghanistan.

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