WW archive > Issue 1264 - 16 August 2019

The two phases of communism

Trying to explain Stalin’s counterrevolution within the revolution through literary exegesis is an obvious absurdity. Jack Conrad replies to Nick Rogers


Revolution; Dictatorship; Defending a rat; Popular front; Step forward

We need a game plan

Protest politics always reach their limits and eventually fizzle out, argues Paul Demarty.

Fabian or anarchist?

Mike Macnair continues his critical discussion of the ‘Kautsky debate’ in the United States.

A week of heightened brain activity

Communist university 2019

Russiagate and what it says about America

The US is in decline, writes Daniel Lazare, and making matters worse it is saddled with an antiquated constitution.

No playing by Queensberry Rules

The political establishment now faces a blunt choice of either crashing out of the EU or forming a national government, writes Eddie Ford.

Last lap

Summer offensive 2019

Back in three weeks

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