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The clock is the spur

Only a national government can stop Brexit, and that would mean splitting the Labour Party, reckons Eddie Ford.


Not Marxism; Fifth column; Internationalist; Glory be

Abuse and cover-ups

Even as the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse reveals yet more evidence of systematic rapes and sexual assaults, Peter Manson asks why Tom Watson still faces attack over his role in the Carl Beech affair.

Reject the IHRA

The decision of Tower Hamlets council to refuse to host the Big Ride for Palestine is both cowardly and shameful, writes Tony Greenstein

Widening frame of debate

Mike Macnair begins an examination of the ‘Kautsky debate’ that is taking place on the US left.

Island illusions

The political crisis in Hong Kong needs to be seen in the context of global politics, argues Paul Demarty.

Poised to invade Rojava

Esen Uslu examines Erdoğan’s plans for establishing protectorates in Kurdish areas in Syria and Iraq.

World’s scariest economist?

She advises Labour, Democratic Party hopefuls and the Scottish first minister. Michael Roberts critiques the ideas of Mariana Mazzucato.

Marx’s vision

In his second article, Nick Rogers concludes that there is no basis in the writing of Marx for Lenin’s schema of socialism and communism. Marx wrote no blueprints for how the future society should be organised.

Concentric circles

Update on the CPGB's Summer Offensive for 2019

Make my day

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