WW archive > Issue 1258 - 04 July 2019

A company union?

James Marshall of Labour Party Marxists looks at Jeremy Corbyn’s latest proposals for the armed forces


Patronising; Climate crisis?; Not a denier; Gaza twinning; Left for Corbyn; We will win; No platform

Force the ANC to retreat

Going back to apartheid practices means denying democracy. Peter Manson looks at the ‘traditional peoples’ legislation

Flop of the century

Donald Trump’s attempts to manufacture ‘good news’ in the Middle East have so far been a dismal failure, writes Yassamine Mather

From miracle to hard border?

In the 1990s Ireland was a great success story. Then came the financial crash and now there is the danger of Brexit unleashing economic mayhem. In the first of two articles, James Harvey discusses the changing fortunes of Irish capitalism

Drop the dead donkey

Peter Taaffe’s determination to split his would-be international is yet more proof of his unfitness for leadership, argues Paul Demarty

Bitter fruit of appeasement

The renewed suspension of Chris Williamson and the degeneration of Momentum shows that the left in the party needs to get organised, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

No complacency!

Update on the Summer Offensive

G20 and trade war

Osaka saw a truce between the US and China. But the trade war will break out again. This is a struggle for global supremacy and, reckons Michael Roberts, the odds are that China will win

Over the line

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