WW archive > Issue 1252 - 23 May 2019

After Theresa has gone

If Boris Johnson becomes Tory leader, a general election will soon follow. If he wins that election, Brexit and a joined-at-the-hip alliance with Donald Trump is on the cards. Eddie Ford reports on latest developments and future possibilities


Shocking; Safe spaces; Diplomatic corps; Mass; Rank hypocrisy; Loose cannon; ‘Anti-Semitism’; EU elections; Building unions

Take a class stand

Peter Manson condemns leftwing traitors - both of the open kind and the silent kind

Reclaiming democratic centralism

One of the major issues raised by the Renewal Faction of America’s now liquidated ISO was the managerial regime that underpins the Cliffite tradition internationally. But there is bureaucratic centralism and democratic centralism. Mike Macnair continues his investigation

Stepping up the threats

Trump is garnering support for his crusade against Iran, but there is widespread opposition too, reports Yassamine Mather

What passes for democracy

Erdoğan is desperate to prevent the opposition from taking control in Istanbul, writes Esen Uslu

Neither kings nor bureaucrats

US author and political broadcaster Suzi Weissman reports on the miraculous organisation of a conference on Leon Trotsky, which took place in Havana

BDS on the march and under fire

The witch hunt against those who campaign against Israeli settler-colonialism is unlikely to end any time soon, observes Paul Demarty

Up to you

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