WW archive > Issue 1251 - 16 May 2019

Inequality soars worldwide

While the rich have never had it so good, writes Michael Roberts, the risks are increasing


Illusions; Just as bad; Only the SPGB; Solidarity; Unproductive; Bible quoting; Extraordinary; Women’s spaces

Making plans for Nigel

While the Brexit Party surges in the polls, too much of the left lines up with one or another faction of the bourgeoisie, says Paul Demarty

Pointer to disillusionment

ANC support continues to drop, writes Peter Manson, but the main beneficiary is the black nationalist EFF

Legalise cannabis

The ‘war on drugs’ has very little to do with safeguarding the health of citizens, argues James Linney

At what cost to humanity?

Capitalism’s ‘terminal crisis’ cannot be resolved positively without a powerful left, says Rex Dunn

Reclaim the holocaust

The holocaust memorial industry is doing nothing to either remember or warn against other genocides, writes Tony Greenstein

Reinventing the monarchy

Danny Baker’s sacking over his royal baby tweet symbolises the official anti-racism of ruling class ideology, writes Eddie Ford

Here’s hoping

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