WW archive > Issue 1249 - 02 May 2019

Politics of disenchantment

Voting for a comedian as president is an act of sheer desperation, writes Eddie Ford


Patronising; Not helpful; Headbangers; Frustration; Sowing illusions; Careless; Don’t expel me

Rothschild and irrationality

Carla Roberts looks forward to the May 4 members meeting of Labour Against the Witchhunt

Anti-racism and ‘useful idiots’

The SWP remains trapped in its old bad habits - and never have they been more obviously counterproductive, reckons Paul Demarty

Steady rightward trajectory

Responding to a flurry of debate, US comrade Jim Creegan gives his view on the evolution of Karl Kautsky in the first of a two-part article

Against biological determinism

Finlay Scott Gilmour responds to Amanda MacLean’s critique of genderism

Critical not unconditional

Peter Manson reports on a lively internal debate that centred on a backsliding Jeremy Corbyn

Not an oxymoron?

Can there be a return to ‘progressive capitalism’? Don’t hold your breath, says Michael Roberts

Ease my worries

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