WW archive > Issue 1248 - 25 April 2019

Next step hard right

George Galloway, Claire Fox and Alka Sehgal Cuthbert are providing a ‘left’ cover for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, writes Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists


Get stuck in; Gender ideology; Brave; Revenge porn; Feigning leftism

Fill the jails?

Extinction Rebellion’s fighting spirit is admirable. But a viable strategy and programme is urgently needed, argues Eddie Ford

Taaffe demands a split

Further leaks from the CWI point to a parting of ways, writes Paul Demarty

Full-timers and ‘cadre’

Mike Macnair discusses the managerialist version of ‘democratic centralism’ revealed by the collapse of yet another sect

Prophet and poet of Russian Revolution

Chris Knight looks at the legacy of Velimir Khlebnikov. This is an edited transcript of a talk given to Communist University 2018

Israel and the ‘new anti-Semitism’

Review: ‘The British left and Zionism - history of a divorce’ by Paul Kelemen, Manchester University Press, 2012, pp227, £16.99

Revolution or the ‘democratic road’?

Amid increased radicalisation, US leftists are debating their political strategy. We publish here a contribution by Donald Parkinson

Silencing the right will be followed by silencing the left

Yassamine Mather looks behind the social media bans imposed in the name of ‘democracy’

Not complacent

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