WW archive > Issue 1246 - 11 April 2019

A promising start

Peter Manson welcomes the formation of the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party in South Africa


Apology; Sowing illusions; The spectacle; Say no more; Abundance; Not PC; Clumsy oaf?; Occupation

Reset to Year Zero

With the EU agreeing to a six month ‘flexible extension’ and talks with Labour getting nowhere, Theresa May is fast running out of options, writes Eddie Ford

Whatever happened to the Lexit lads?

Life has driven the left advocates of Brexit into ever greater confusion, argues Paul Demarty

Politics in the round

Rex Dunn offers his view of what is now a full-blown crisis. Is Britain about to descend into civil war?

In praise of Momentum

The Jewish Labour Movement has recognised Jon Lansman’s ‘valuable work’ in support of Zionism, reports Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Learn the lessons

Peter Moody comments on the collapse of the most prominent revolutionary group on the US left

Three centuries of oppression

Review of ‘The Scottish clearances: a history of the dispossessed 1600-1900’ by Tom Devine; Allen Lane, 2018, pp463, £25

Good news

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