WW archive > Issue 1241 - 07 March 2019

Women’s rights and class struggle

Forty years ago Iranian women rebelled against the Islamic government. We should not only remember their struggle: we should uphold the original aims of International Women’s Day, says Yassamine Mather


Brink of defeat; Indifference; Communist value; Well done; Spot on; ‘Holistic’ Macron; Vibrant Russia

Step forward, Mr Johnson?

With splits in the ERG, writes Eddie Ford, does Theresa May now have a chance of scraping her deal through the Commons? It seems unlikely

Fake outrage, fake accusations

The civil war in the Labour Party is at a critical stage, writes Carla Roberts

Their next move

Jack Conrad warns that the Labour right is looking to considerably extend the scope of the witch-hunt. Their big idea is to net socialism and even anti-capitalism

Perspectives 2019-20

Unanimously agreed by CPGB members meeting on March 2 in London

A prize that can be won

Peter Manson reports on the CPGB’s 2019 AGM

Under pressure at home and abroad

Will Donald Trump survive his current difficulties? Only a fool would rule it out, argues Paul Demarty


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