WW archive > Issue 1238 - 14 February 2019

Forty years of inequality

The US administration preferred Islamists to leftists, says Yassamine Mather


Value of ‘value’; Money theories; Public school; Stalinophile; Immoral; Rebuked; Holocaust guilt; Ratification; Not stupid

Heading towards a split?

There are signs that Corbyn and his allies are finally starting to fight back, reports Carla Roberts

Lessons of the SDP

The history of Labour's last split does not bode well for the right, says William Sarsfield

Open second front now

Now is the time to fight, argues Liverpool Labour activist Paul Drummond. We must deselect Luciana Berger

Witch-hunt defied and condemned

David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists reports on another conference dominated by top table speakers and characterised by choked debates

Recalling Magna Carta

The battle between the Telegraph and Sir Philip Green has interesting implications for the class struggle, writes Mike Macnair

The spectre of socialism

Paul Demarty casts a critical eye over the rise of self-styled socialists in the Democratic Party

Right to the cliff edge

Theresa May tells MPs to ‘hold their nerve’, writes Eddie Ford, but the EU will not blink. So will she risk a no-deal?


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