WW archive > Issue 1236 - 31 January 2019

Marx’s theory of value

Far from being natural, value is characteristic of commodity production and capitalism, its most developed form. John Bridge upholds Marxist orthodoxy


Value forever; Misunderstood; Dearth of quality; Two Lenins; Proud symbol; Socialist Fight

Heading for another victory

With the ANC consolidating its position, there is a huge vacuum to its left, observes Peter Manson. But who will attempt to fill it?

Pots and kettles

Yassamine Mather asks who is really responsible for incompetence and corruption

The Tory interpretation

Mike Macnair argues that there is an institutional bias in the teaching of history. It is a bias that suits the agenda of those who believe in inequality, the natural order and firm government

Chris Baugh set for re-election

Left Unity has agreed its candidate for assistant general secretary, reports Dave Vincent

Brexit in the balance

The Commons vote does not change the bigger picture, notes Paul Demarty

£61 still needed

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