WW archive > Issue 1235 - 24 January 2019

National government real danger

With Theresa May paralysed, neoliberal MPs are preparing to ‘take back control’. Paul Demarty looks at Britain’s unfolding constitutional crisis


Holy script; Don’t be rude; Our interests; Fallacious; Hysterical; Outdated

Siding with Labour right

There is a rogue’s gallery of left sects, says Tony Greenstein, but the AWL must surely be the worst

Left high and dry

Dave Vincent gives his take on the forthcoming election for assistant general secretary

Stalinophiles and ignoramuses

Rex Dunn examines a selection of fiction that deals with Stalinism and anti-Stalinism

Will the euro survive?

Michael Roberts looks back at the last 20 years and predicts a rocky future

Danger of foreign adventures increases

Donald Trump’s wall that will never be built and the government shutdown are really about the 2020 presidential elections, writes Eddie Ford

Back on target

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