WW archive > Issue 1234 - 17 January 2019

May's deal is dead as a dodo

Paul Demarty asks what comes next after the crushing rejection of May’s Brexit deal by the Commons


Dead and gone; Witch-hunt; Marginalised; Ultra-left; Women

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt: another witch-hunt victim

NEC refuses to endorse Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt in South Thanet, writes Carla Roberts

The enigmatic gilets-jaunes

How should Marxists respond to the gilets jaunes? Mike Macnair looks at the likely winners and losers

Our rights threatened too

Although Britain’s far-right yellow vests are an obnoxious assortment of racists, xenophobes and odd-balls, we must defend their right to protest, says Eddie Ford

Preparing the final assault

James Linney examines the fraud that is NHS England’s ‘long-term plan’

Socialism and the national question

Genuine liberation for Palestinians and Israelis alike must be seen in the context of an Arab and global revolution, argues David Markovich

Subjective and objective value

Arthur Bough insists that value is labour and has therefore existed in every form of society

Art for our class

Mike belbin reviews Christine Lindey Art for all: British socially committed art from the 1930s to the cold war Artery Publications, 2018, pp240, £25

US and Israel yearning to unleash mayhem

Yassamine Mather examines what lies behind Israeli air strikes against Iranian targets in Syria

Rigorous debate

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