WW archive > Issue 1228 - 22 November 2018

May's numbers don't add up

Escape from a no-confidence vote in the Tory Party will not save Theresa May’s Brexit plans, writes Paul Demarty - hence the renewed talk of a national government


Climate; IBT splits; True or false?

Theories that kill

Thomas Klikauer looks at the connection between ‘fake news’ and the far right

Science, health and profit

Exaggerated claims for artificial intelligence are being used to further the government’s agenda of privatised healthcare, says James Linney

Free-trade tailism

The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty has enlisted a clipped version of Marx and Engels to serve its political agenda. In the first of two articles Mike Macnair looks at the claims of free trade and protectionism

Sophistry in the service of Zionism

Brian Klug, the Oxford academic, cannot see the wood for the trees, writes Tony Greenstein

Quantum computing has arrived

Yassamine Mather explains why the next generation of computers offers both huge opportunities and huge dangers

Disappearing the welfare state

Even that den of thieves, the United Nations, recognises the suffering imposed on the working class by the politics of austerity, writes Eddie Ford

End with a bang

A reader across the ocean helps keep the momentum going

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