WW archive > Issue 1226 - 08 November 2018

Trump can still win in 2020

The midterm results will increase the tension in Washington, says Paul Demarty, presenting the left with dangers and opportunities


Fit the faith; Lenin won over; Stop boycotting

Scottish Labour left: Democracy be damned

Momentum’s counterpart in Scotland continues to thwart the wishes of its members, reports Chris Cassells

Going down the Brexit rabbit hole

As the deadline looms, Theresa May is still wrestling with the Gordian knot of the Irish border question, writes Eddie Ford

Marx’s formulae confirmed

Michael Roberts looks at the latest figures on the US rate of profit

Value is a human creation

John Bridge takes issue with those who see value as being natural to all societies and all times. Communism will leave behind such fetishistic forms

Marxism and aestheticism

Despite Marx’s throwaway remark, Capital is not a ‘work of art’, argues Rex Dunn

Revolutionary Germany: how did the right of the left react?

On November 9 1918, the kaiser abdicated and Germany became a republic. One hundred years later, we publish - thanks to Ben Lewis’s translation - abridged passages from the rightwing social democratic leader, Philipp Scheidemann

Printer costs

Time to set a new target, if you lot keep this up...

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