WW archive > Issue 1225 - 01 November 2018

Bolsonaro: Brazil’s Trump or Brazil’s fascist ruler?

Brazilian comrade Roberto della Santa gives us his assessment of a president who has declared that the military dictatorship ‘did not go far enough’


Catastrophe; Incoherent; Don't boycott; Exchange-value; Confused; Soviet toady; rwrewe

The Bolsheviks and democracy

Jim Creegan rides to the defence of Trotsky’s Lessons of October

American midterms are an index of political crisis

And the left must ensure its candidates are accountable, writes Paul Demarty

German revolution: diverted and betrayed by leaders of official social democracy

In this supplement, Ben Lewis shows how the heroic actions of November 1918 were doomed by misleaders

All not rosy

Technically it's magenta... never mind

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