WW archive > Issue 1223 - 18 October 2018

Capitalism is the cause of, not the solution to runaway climate change

The system cannot be managed more efficiently to halt global warming, argues Michael Roberts


Genocide; Democratic exit; Chutzpah

CPGB aggregate discusses Labour and Brexit

Members of the CPGB, together with comrades from Labour Party Marxists, met in London on October 14 to discuss two main topics: the latest situation in the Labour Party; and the huge contradictions provoked by the Brexit negotiations.

NCC ‘left’ slate farce ends in another Jon Lansman surrender

The manoeuvres over joint candidates for Labour's disciplinary committee exposes the political vacuity of the existing left groupings, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

The National Left-Wing Movement: a lost legacy of the 1920s

Lawrence Parker spoke about his book ‘Communists and Labour - The National Left-Wing Movement 1925-1929’ at Communist University 2018. This is an edited version of his talk

Brexit: more humiliation looms

The present terms of debate on Brexit represent paralysis, argues Paul Demarty - in the government, and on the left

Review: 22 July, directed by Paul Greengrass

Out on general release and Netflix

Universal credit: designed to punish undeserving poor

Rollout of the new benefit is widely recognised as being in chaos, and the immediate answer lies in breaking with the politics of austerity, writes Eddie Ford

Fighting Fund: nothing for granted

Robbie Rix thanks readers for their generosity, and looks to raise the stakes

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