WW archive > Issue 1215 - 09 August 2018

Hodging their bets

Labour’s Kafkaesque disciplinary procedure is part of the ongoing attacks on free speech, writes Mike Macnair


Laboured; Chauvinism; Climate science; Not an example; Discrimination

Project Fear or Project Reality?

Everyone from the governor of the Bank of England to the National Farmers Union is getting worried about a no-deal Brexit, writes Eddie Ford

Stand up to your enemies

The more Corbyn retreats, writes David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists, the more the Labour right grows in confidence

A failure of definition

Jack Conrad argues that the left is crippled by its fixation on economic struggles and the downplaying of high politics

Minister of the Underworld

Who is responsible for instigating the recent spate of racist attacks? Toby Abse points the finger at interior minister Matteo Salvini

Shameless hypocrisy

The coming crisis will be both political and economic, predicts Esen Uslu

Imprisoned within the national

Comparisons with Donald Trump are dishonest - but that does not mean Corbyn’s industrial strategy will actually work, warns Paul Demarty

Now's the time

Come on, show us the money

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