WW archive > Issue 1213 - 26 July 2018

Sowing dragon's teeth

Is Leon Trotsky’s Transitional programme the last word when it comes to the Marxist programme? Or does it represent regression in Marxist terms? Jack Conrad argues against the economism of Trotskyism


Ratification; Generalisations; Conference?; Real communism; Freethinking; Russian rights; Kafkaesque; Rabid dogs

Scorched earth and statesmen

Mike Macnair looks at the continued efforts of the Labour right to procure an electoral defeat

Not fit for purpose

Margaret Hodge’s attack on Jeremy Corbyn demonstrates why the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism must be ditched, writes Tony Greenstein

Cliff edges and parachutes

The Brexit crisis is deepening and almost anything can happen, writes Eddie Ford

Where are the women?

Yassamine Mather looks at one area where gender inequality looks set to continue

Demanding a consensus

What will result from the SACP’s call for a ‘reconfigured alliance’ with the ANC? Peter Manson reports on the party’s continuing divisions

Europe and the Trump Doctrine

If Donald Trump is such a disastrous president, why is America not suffering, wonders Paul Demarty?

Payments in kind

That includes rum for the subeditors

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