WW archive > Issue 1212 - 19 July 2018

Revenge of the global hegemon

Donald Trump’s attacks on his Nato and European ‘foes’ give us a lesson in global realities, writes Eddie Ford


IHRA definition; Privilege; Stimulating; Slaughter; Ridicule

Big Meeting lives on

David Douglass reports on the134th Durham Miners Gala

Breach of rules?

The witch-hunt has reached the heights of absurdity, reports Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Outlook Moggy

Rees-Mogg’s medievalism may have been meant as a diversion, writes Mike Macnair, but it raises real issues

The Keynesian dilemma

Will it be free trade or protectionism? Michael Roberts examines the contending views

Clarity as to the reality

The open racism of Netanyahu is preferable to the platitudes of liberal Zionism, argues Tony Greenstein

Strategy of Suffocation

Yassamine Mather reports on Tehran’s moves to counter US threats

Tactics, principles and willing dupes

What attitude should the left take to the People’s Vote campaign and its call for a second referendum? Jack Conrad insists that referendums are a backward, not a forward step for democracy

A Labour council’s inquisition

Stan Keable tells how the anti-Corbyn witch-hunt in the Labour Party has spilled over into political victimisation in the workplace

On track

All aboard the Summer Offensive train

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