WW archive > Issue 1208 - 21 June 2018

Stand up for legalisation

The Billy Caldwell case shows that the irrational drugs laws are all about policing people, not saving lives, argues Eddie Ford


Bizarre; LU crisis; Philo-Semitism; Never trust USA; Ditch UC

Playing the long game

Corbyn should stand up and fight, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Race and class

Mike Macnair examines the critiques of intersectionality developed by Adolph Reed Jr and Walter Benn Michaels

Result may hinge on Kurds

How will Erdoğan respond, asks Esen Uslu, if he cannot get a majority?

Not a Sunni-Shia conflict

The nightmare that is Yemen has not only been brought about by regional rivalries. US and British arms sales and diplomatic support are vital, writes Yassamine Mather

Step up the campaign

David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists reports on the fighting spirit evident at the June 16 national membership meeting of Labour Against the Witchhunt

Sacked by a Labour council

Politically driven, unjust and dangerous victimisation. Stan Keable must be reinstated

Capitalism and sovereign money

Financial crises cannot be avoided simply through bypassing the commercial banks, argues Michael Roberts

Gifts for the NHS

Theresa May’s narrow victory in the Commons is hardly a vote of confidence in her government, reckons Paul Demarty

Money well spent

Where would you be without the WW? It doesn't bear thinking about, comrade...

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