WW archive > Issue 1201 - 03 May 2018

Corbyn: grow a backbone

Sacrificing an outstanding anti-racist for having dared to criticise a pro-Israel MP will only increase the appetite of the right, warns Tony Greenstein


PCS conference; Deeply offensive; Genuine fight; Demoralisation; Disappointment

Zionism is the real problem

Marc Wadsworth’s expulsion should be viewed in the context of the international situation, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Join us in battle

The RMT is debating whether or not to affiliate. Jim Grant of Labour Party Marxists says get back in

Blairite right clings on

William Phillips of Labour Party Marxists looks at the forthcoming leadership election in Welsh Labour

The alternative to patriarchy

The ‘sex wars’ discussed by Amia Srinivasan are a symptom of a deeper crisis, argues Rex Dunn

The rise of a Mini-Me Hitler

Thomas Klikauer looks at the fruitcakes, loonies and out-and-out racists who inhabit the völkische wing of the AfD

Push them to the left

According to a new book, today it is the managers, not the capitalists, who rule. Michael Roberts begs to differ

Trump, the peacemaker?

Eddie Ford is sceptical about the recent love-fest between the Korean leaders


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