WW archive > Issue 120 - 30 November 1995

Attacks on workers pay for budget bribe

TUC general secretary John Monks was mute on the continued attacks that lay behind the feeble budget tax bribe. No wonder Clarke thinks he can get away with it


Optimism; Consensus

The equivocator

Bob Smith - For a Permanent Party Polemic Committee

Brent sackings

Lenin on communist tactics in Britain

From 'The Communist', paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, December 2 1920

Left gives SLP initiative the cold shoulder

Opportunity lost

John Bridge reports on the Calcutta convention

International polemical journal Call for sponsors

Issued at the Convention by Armani Arani for the Organisation of Revolutionary Workers of Iran (Rahe Kargar) and John Bridge for the Communist Party of Great Britain (PCC), at the Convention

Bosnian carve up

Against repression in Argentina

Failed approach

Dave Hulme reviews 'Socialists in the trade unions' by Alex Callinicos (Bookmarks, pp79)

Royal skeletons rattled

Danny Hammill reviews Channel Four’s 'Secret Lives: Edward VIII, the Traitor King'

Raise your banners

Cromwell Street trial sees morality go west

Postal workers on the offensive

Mass support into mass action

Towards another US-brokered deal

Ireland says ‘yes’ to divorce

Fighting fund

Linda Addison reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

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