WW archive > Issue 1186 - 18 January 2018

Process of decomposition

How can the ruling class extricate itself from the current impasse? Hillel Ticktin reviews the state of global capital


Centenaries; Savage paradox; Clark crisis; Wrong ends; Fake news

With great skill

James Linney urges resistance to the ‘organisation of misery’

Democratise the party

The election of Christine Shawcroft as chair of Labour’s disputes panel gives some hope that Jeremy Corbyn and his allies might finally put an end to the witch-hunt, says Carla Roberts of Labour Party Marxists

Is Trumpism the future?

Yes, the US president is widely derided, writes Mike Macnair, but does he represent an alternative to the neoliberal ‘equalities’ agenda?

Foundations in sand

Is poststructuralism purely a reaction to Stalinism? Paul Demarty responds to Rex Dunn

The price of neoliberalism

The continuing decline of the left will be confirmed by the results of the March 4 general election, predicts Toby Abse

Not even Menshevism

Three quarters of the SWP's new recruits pay nothing, writes Peter Manson

Small windfall

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