WW archive > Issue 1185 - 11 January 2018

Fire in the hole

Paul Demarty reviews Michael Wolff Fire and fury: inside the Trump White House (Little, Brown 2018) pp336, £14.99


Left elite; Who defeated IS?; Abject disaster; Peaking again

Building up steam

Labour Against the Witchhunt secretary Stan Keable reports on the debates and decisions

Falsely accused of anti-Semitism

Moshé Machover - recently reinstated into the Labour Party - has written this testimony on behalf of Tony Greenstein

Understanding poststructuralism

We need to debate the development of diverse ideas and movements in their historical context, both before and after 1968. Only then can Marxism recover and move forward, argues Rex Dunn

Past and present

Some on the left seem to have learnt something. But, argues Andrew Bowker, the fight for anti-imperialist solidarity must be stepped up - particularly in the Labour Party

With the protestors

Yassamine Mather counters the current misinformation about events

At a crossroads

Peter Manson looks at the situation following the election of Cyril Ramaphosa

For a fantastic 2018!

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