WW archive > Issue 1184 - 21 December 2017

Labour tails Tory rebels

Calling the modern powers to revise statutes by regulations ‘Henry VIII clauses’ gives the whole Brexit exercise a spurious air of English antiquity, argues Mike Macnair


It does work; Bite bullet; Marginal; Role of Jews; Win the battle

Calling all witches

Motion against witch-hunts

Supplement: After king Jesus

It was Paul who founded Christianity, a religion that in many ways upholds doctrines which are the exact opposite of the real teachings of Jesus. Jack Conrad sifts through the evidence

A courageous revolutionary

Yassamine Mather pays tribute to ‘comrade Azam’, daughter of the late Taher Ahmadzadeh

A farewell to empire

The Fox-Disney merger marks a strategic retreat for Rupert Murdoch, argues William Kane

Last paper until January 11

Robbie Rix will see you again in the New Year

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