WW archive > Issue 1182 - 07 December 2017

Negotiations end in chaos

Even if Theresa May manages to strong-arm Brexit negotiations to their next phase, there is a long way to go. Paul Demarty asks if she has the staying power


A process; Replace her; Think on; Essentialism; Muphry’s law; Festschrift

Step up the campaign

David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists reports on the latest plans and developments

Farcical and malicious

The December 2 Labour Against the Witchhunt meeting included an important contribution by black activist Marc Wadsworth. Alan Fox reports

Anti-Semitism? It’s Israel, stupid!

Tony Greenstein responds to the false accusations made against him as part of the rightwing-driven witch-hunt. This is an edited version of his submission to Labour’s national constitutional committee

Three scenarios to ponder

The left must expect the unexpected after the next general election. Peter Manson reports

Prospects of a Corbyn government


Planning the final assault

The introduction of ‘accountable care organisations’ could be the beginning of the end for the NHS, writes James Linney

Not a clue

After a good November, Robbie Rix welcomes December

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