WW archive > Issue 1181 - 30 November 2017

Historical inaccuracies and theoretical overkill

Identity politics are prone to fragmentation, only the working class project of universal liberation can unite the oppressed, argues Mike Macnair


Distorted; Knee-jerk; Nihilist bubble; Oppressor Jews

It is a ‘binary choice’

Working class independence and nationalism are two conflicting outlooks, writes Peter Manson

Soviet Russia and women’s emancipation

Just how much progress was made in the fight for equality? Anne McShane focuses in particular on central Asia

Art of revolution

Chris Knight discusses the significance of Leon Trotsky’s Lessons of October and the implications in the event of a Corbyn-led Labour government

Zionism and holocaust abuse

It is completely legitimate to draw comparisons with the Nazis, insists Tony Greenstein

Descent into farce

Yassamine Mather reports on crown prince Salman’s latest attempts to stoke up conflict

Showing they care

Robbie Rix wants to know

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