WW archive > Issue 1179 - 16 November 2017

Drum beat of war

Beirut is now the focus of the burgeoning Saudi-Iranian rivalry, writes Yassamine Mather


Free tickets; Safest space; Patel’s secret; Conflagration; Catalonia; Dystopian; Discredit; What next?

Rising to the challenge

Could the FLA develop into a fully-fledged fascist movement? That depends on the scale of forthcoming crises and the response of the left, argues James Harvey

Power structures and democratisation

Mike Macnair looks at the implications of the ‘Pestminster’ scandal

Target for a witch-hunt

Moshé Machover, recently reinstated into the Labour Party following his summary expulsion, addressed a meeting organised by the CPGB and Labour Party Marxists on November 12

Both sides of the witch-hunt

It is not anti-Semitic to refer to the mutual praise exchanged between the Nazis and Zionists. Tony Greenstein examines the AWL’s political schizophrenia

Quoting Nazis to damn ‘the Zionists’

From Solidarity November 8 2017

May on the brink

As the resignations and scandals pile up, Paul Demarty wonders how long this dysfunctional government can last


Robbie Rix is glad someone is

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