Spooks and a Corbyn government

Neither the secret state nor the armed forces have undergone any kind of fundamental change, warns Jack Conrad. They remain a clear and present danger

Writing in The Guardian, Paul Mason, the “leftwing British commentator”1 and journalist, defends himself against former MI5 director general Stella Rimington.2 Dame Stella told the Cheltenham Literature Festival that those - ie, the “Communist Party of Great Britain and various Trotskyite organisations” - who her spies were “looking at” during the 1980s are now ensconced deep inside the Labour Party.3 In point of fact, Jeremy Corbyn, who was himself targeted by MI5, nowadays not only leads the Labour Party: he is widely seen as the prime minister in waiting.

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Chronic; Incompatibility; Opportunists; Prostration; UK fascism; Learn from 1917

The negative-sum internet

Paul Demarty reviews: Angela Nagle, Kill all normies: the online culture wars from Tumblr and 4chan to the alt-right and Trump, Zero Books, 2017, pp120, £9.99

Corbyn must speak out

David Shearer of Labour Party Marxists reports on the launch of a promising new campaign

Supplement: The Bolsheviks & socialist revolution

Did Lenin’s April theses amount to ‘rearming the party’? Paul Le Blanc argues that the contributions of Lars T Lih and Eric Blanc do not tell the whole story

Touching distance

Robbie Rix wants to see that target smashed

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