WW archive > Issue 1175 - 19 October 2017

1967 and all that

It is 50 years since the Sexual Offences Act 1967 partly decriminalised gay sex. Mike Macnair examines its significance


Confused heads; Balance sheet; Disputes head; Streetwise; Opportunists?

Reinstate Moshé

This petition, organised by Jewish Voice for Labour, has been signed by hundreds of Labour Party members, Jewish and non-Jewish

Scurrilous allegations

Following his summary expulsion from the Labour Party Moshé Machover has responded to the governance and legal unit. This is a slightly abridged version of his letter

First Corbyn, then us

As the first Pre-conference bulletin shows, Labour presents a huge dilemma for the SWP. Peter Manson wonders if it has any answers

Party’s Sunday best

The Sunday Worker reached a circulation of 100,000. And, far from shunning argument, it encouraged different leftwing viewpoints, says Lawrence Parker

Pisapia’s soap opera

Thankfully the attempt by the former mayor of Milan to pull fragments to the left of the PD back into the fold has ended in failure, writes Toby Abse

Redrawing the map

Why is Trump abandoning the nuclear deal? Yassamine Mather looks beyond the rhetoric

Six degrees of Harvey Weinstein

What does the downfall of one of the film industry’s most powerful men tell us? Paul Demarty investigates

Striking distance

You can do it, says Robbie Rix

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